Must-have plugins for WordPress.

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Further I will list the main plugins with their short descriptions which can improve WordPress functionality. All of them have free versions with rich functionality.

1. Web page builder. 

To facilitate the creation of web pages I use plugin called ‘Elementor’ (Elementor.com).

2. Media files categorizator.

Unfortunately, WordPress have a flaw regarding working with mediafiles. You can’t create folders or somehow categorize files in mediafile storage. All files just lie in one place. Hence if you expect to have a lot of mediafiles in future it is better to solve this issue at the beggining.

I prefer to use ‘Enhanced Media Library’ plugin (wpuxsolutions.com).

3. Seo optimization.

To help google to analyze your website structure it is useful to automatically send it information about your website structure. To do so install ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ plugin (arnebrachhold.de/projects/wordpress-plugins/google-xml-sitemaps-generator).

4. PDF files insertion.

It is possible that from time to time you would like to insert pdf files into your web pages. To do so I installed ‘PDF.js Viewer Shortcode’ plugin.

5. Contacting.

I recommend you not to show up your private contact data such as emails and phone numbers on the internet because it will lead to leak of your data. Shortly afterwards you probably would have email filled with spam messages and constantly ringing telephone.

But there is a workaround. Just use contact forms. To do so I prefer ‘Ninja Forms’ plugin (ninjaforms.com).

Sometimes you really nead to be in touch with your website visitors. In that case it is better to buy additional sim card and give him opprotunity to reach you through WhatsApp. In order to do this install ‘Click To Chat’ (wordpress.org/plugins/click-to-chat-for-whatsapp).

6) Privacy policy generator.

You can think that making of Privacy Policy page is just wasting of time but some services as Facebook, Google, etc require the Privacy Policy page to integrate with your website services.

There is a plugin which generate this page for you. It is called ‘WP Legal Pages’ (wordpress.org/plugins/wplegalpages).

7) Registration.

It is annoying to remember all the passwords you made on different websites so I think it is handy to allow a user to register using social networks or services.

An amazing plugin – ‘Super Socializer’ (super-socializer-wordpress.heateor.com) can do it (and much more). I like this plugin and recommend you to use it.

This post will change and supplement with new materials over time. You can also help in filling it up, just write down which plugins you think should be installed into WordPress website.

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